is the youngest and runs his own landscaping business, Ultimate Solutions. He does everything from weekly lawn mowing to irrigation to tree trimming and felling, to fencing and much more. Many times we bring Cory in as a landscape consultant and you may see him cleaning up and grooming a new lawn after a build or remodel has been completed! 

Obviously if it wasn't for the "Hughes Dad" there wouldn't be any Hughes Brothers, so we can't leave him out! Bobby Sr. is who got me started with this obsession with building and more

importantly my passion for real craftsmanship. My dad spent many years working in the rain and snow in every trade and handyman position I can remember and made sure that we picked up on everything that we could. With a lifetime of experience I often turn to him for advice on everything. Dad has an extensive history in lumber grades and species and is excellent at selecting the very best material for custom work. You will often find him at his barbershop in Morristown, but when he has time he will swing by the job sites to make sure we're still doing everything "right" LOL


is the middle of the three Hughes Brothers and has built a good career as a freelance web designer and developer. After him and his wife Jessica purchased their first house he has become more and more interested in assisting the DIYer (Do It Yourselfer) in projects where the homeowner wants to be more involved. He plays a vital role in helping manage our web and media advertising and development. As HBIG grows, David will play a bigger role as the Property Investments Manager.

Hughes Brothers Investment Group is a small, family owned and operated business. Very rarely will we even bring in sub-contractors and if we do, we will always be present during their stay at the job. Having a family of my own, I know how important it is to know who is in my home and that's why we will always be in uniform and display ID when we arrive at your home.

Stevi, my wife, (pictured right) is my stay at home wife and Cayleb's (my son pictured right as well) mommy! If you call us during the day, you will often speak with her! She loves working with people and even gave up a very successful career in the dental field to stay at home and help manage my dream of Hughes Brothers Investment Group. This business would not be possible without her commitment!

 That's when I decided it was time to join the Army. So in 2005 I entered the Military with a 5 year plan to pay off debt and build up some savings. After that I would come back to Tennessee and go back to building. Well, 5 years turned into 6 and then 6 into 8 and finally after the 8 years it was time to move on. During my time in the Army I managed to pick up side work here and there and at one point in time I was building every weekend! This lead to me having a very successful client base all over the US and with it being a second income, it allowed me to put all of that money back into what is now a debt free construction company! In addition, I managed to major in Business management, which combined, allow me to bring you the very best in both quality craftsmanship and customer service! Most builders will try to win you over with fancy statistics and amazing ratings, but my goal is to sell you on me and my family because no matter what your occupation we all relate when it comes to family. God has blessed me with this ability and I can guarantee that I will bring you an amazing renovation or construction experience.

​- Colossians 3:17; And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

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Hi I'm Bobby... 

and for the past 8 years I have been serving in the United States Army as a Project Manager and Construction Specialist for projects costing millions of dollars. I was fortunate to have such a rewarding job and it was due directly to my upbringing. Carpentry and woodworking started early for me as a child. My dad, and both grand dads were very skilled and even worked in the trade, so naturally I picked up on it too! Over the years I developed a passion for building and wanted to make it my life long career. So while in High School I started a handyman service called High Quality Carpentry. Business was going great, but little did I know, hard times were 
right around the corner. My dad often warned me of the slow times that come with the construction trade, but me in all my 19 years of wisdom decided he didn't know as much as I! :) A few months later I hit a brick wall in the business and to be expected, bills piled up quick!
Carpentry has been a part of the Hughes' way of life for many generations and even played a part in the history of American Presidents. St. Peter's Church (shown right) was built in 1701 by one of the Hughes Brothers' many times great grandfather. Years later President George Washington attended and was was married to Martha there. Then almost two centuries after her construction, the church was renovated by General Robert E. Lee's son.

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